3 15 Things You Didn't Know About PANDORA - Pandora Bracelet

15 Things You Didn’t Know About PANDORA

who does charming better than jewelry giantPandora a brand that is known for its charm bracelets that well let’s be honest we’ve all seen or owned at some point the company started in Denmark in the 1980s and was a family business for almost three decades nowadays it’s one of the big brands such as Tiffany although they’re considered to be mid-priced products that appeal to the mass market they now sell the franchise worldwide and is one of the most recognizable brands most importantly the brand has had an interesting evolution from its big break in the US market to a sudden plunge in popularity years later and  we all know them we’ve seen them and we may even wear them so make yourself comfortable and let’s get started

Number 1:

Pandora became the third-largest company in terms of worldwide sales after Cartier and Tiffany perrineville scene is a Danish businessman who began importing items from Thailand together with his then-wife Winnie pare established a company called Pandora in 1982 and only had a small shop in Copenhagen but it wasn’t until the year 2000 that things started really taking off eight years later the company went public and went through an astounding growth afterward by 2010 it became the third largest jewelry company in the world in terms of sales grossing millions of dollars every month and creating a pandora charms craze all over the world at one the company was behind Cartier and Tiffany & Co which are luxury brands with years of tradition this year Pandora was valued at eleven point nine billion dollars according to Forbes

Number 2:

it grew in popularity after the recession don’t be fooled by the numbers it took many years before Pandora became more popular on the international market in the u.s. it rose to prominence about a decade ago when the economy wasn’t doing so great but maybe people were thinking that jewelry was an investment, not a splurge they changed their approach a little bit by offering more affordable items such as charm bracelets which were viewed as an attractive alternative to the general public even more for jewelers that usually sold more expensive pieces Pandora was a great alternative because they’re not crazy expensive so more people could buy them and since their strategy is to have as many charms to the bracelet as possible growing sales are almost guaranteed according to rob Bates a news editor of jack magazine  jewelers were desperate for anything and so a lot of them started selling Pandora and that was the moment when the brand began expanding and opening stores everywhere they’re now present in more than 100 countries on six continents with over seven thousand seven hundred points of sale in only 36 years 

Number 3:

Thailand was the big inspiration behind Pandora’s story the two pandora co-founders found a lot of inspiration in Thailand after a business trip in 1979 they became enamored by the craft and traditions of the jewelry culture there so the best course of action they decided to open up a workshop in the capital to see what they could come up with and here’s why they did that’s how the newly found company was able to get great products at a significantly lower cost and increased production in a short period of time nowadays they have more than 22,000 300 employees and 13,000 200 of them work in their manufacturing site in Thailand appropriately called Gemma Palace the factory is huge but it does meet modern standards and employees are treated well

Number 4:

Charm bracelets were created by – in-house designers the company sells many items including necklaces bracelets and rings but it’s no secret that its charm bracelets are what makes Pandora well Pandora their design is perfect for both women and men they have it in gold and silver and there are hundreds of charms to choose from basically there’s no reason to hate the brand but something a lot of people don’t know is the charm bracelets in a more traditional sense represent amulets that would bring good luck to errors but Pandora’s concept bracelet came years later so the original story has been forgotten in a way in 1999 the company’s first in-house designers Looney Francine and Elizabeth Ino Larson were credited with the innovative design of the bracelet is made of silver and you can attach different trinkets or charms to it made out of beads Murano glass and other materials it means that you can design your own bracelet and attach different charms that have different meanings the charm bracelets represent 80 percent of the company’s total sales which is a pretty impressive figure and a testament to their long-lasting appeal but don’t fret a lack sirs if you don’t fancy charms like other people there are all kinds of other jewelry to choose from

Number 5:

The most expensive charm costs $800 an average pandora best selling bracelet costs around $60 and a charm is around $40 with this price they managed to make the bracelet a perfect gift idea and very affordable too but they also have special items to mark different special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Christmas take for example the most expensive charm so far called the majestic crown which has a whopping 765 dollar price tag the item features 14 karat gold and a point 1:08 carat diamond and has the appearance of a crown, of course, the UK royal family served as an inspiration for it as it was unveiled earlier this year in anticipation of the birth of the new royal baby and of course Megan and Harry’s wedding we this appealing backstory in mind the charm was sold out in the UK soon after it was revealed we call this sneaky but good marketing 

Number 6:

The company’s shares fell by nearly 80 percent in 2011 despite its meteoric rise in 2008 before the recession Pandora did have its share of trouble just a few years later in 2011 shares dropped by almost 80 percent and saw a steep decline in the US and UK its biggest markets it was considered to be a huge disaster for the company because it nearly drove them to bankruptcy chief executive Mikhail vandal and Olson resigned soon after the incident without any comments their biggest mistake was they continued to increase their prices which did not sit well with its core market, to be honest, Pandora charms and jewelry are popular and loved because they’re affordable luxury not luxury it’s not the same to have a Pandora bracelet or a Cartier bracelet however there is a happy end to this story since in 2014 they had a revenue of around 1.8 billion dollars and half a billion dollars in profit of course they did learn their lesson and went back to offering more affordable options 

Number 7:

Pandora’s founder lived a double life in Thailand / in volson is one of Denmark’s richest men who seemed to have everything however behind the scenes he found in Thailand more than a business opportunity, to say the least in Wilson admitted to having multiple affairs in Thailand which resulted in two daughters from two different women one born in the 90s no surprise there he admitted this adultery to his wife Winnie with whom he had already had a son Christian even more curiously they did not separate immediately and actually stayed together until 2008 even after their late divorce he continues to live in Thailand while Winnie who gained 40% of Pandora shares in the process lives with their son in a small city close to Copenhagen and is one of the wealthiest women in Denmark this should seriously be a movie

Number 8:

Pandora has had a complicated relationship with retailers the company had a very tough year in 2011 as we’ve mentioned before however it was not just about the money after all it seems they made a lot of mistakes in dealing with investors retailers and customers as well let’s take a peek into Pandora’s box they charge UK stores 35 percent more than other territories such as the US they didn’t tell their investors they had a serious drop in profits and their employers judged customers for buying 130 dollar wedding rings should we go on it’s not so shiny inside the world of Pandora but they managed to keep their appearances up and with some strong endorsement deals and fun campaigns it’s all forgotten in a matter of seconds at least so it seems 

Number 9:

Ciarra is their newest brand ambassador most recently Pandora has slightly shifted its marketing tactics to introduce more collaborations and high-end items they’re also trying to be a little more inclusive and niched by working with certain bloggers and celebrities their new brand ambassador is the 32-year-old R&B singer and bombshell Ciara she represents the radiant shine a new collection which features 18 karat gold-plated sterling silver pieces they were inspired by nature the Sun and bees and some royal references to Sierra who’s now a mother of two and has a net worth of 16 million dollars has also collaborated to look fierce in the ad she’s sexy she’s dancing she’s singing and she looks like a million bucks in gold plated pandora jewelry the campaign also emphasized Sierra’s role as a mom and daughter as she recommended Mother’s Day gifts but keep in mind that prices range from 20 to 220 dollars or more depending on the country you live in

Number 10:

Pandora’s co-founders are among Denmark’s wealthiest people although the company went public in 2008 its founders are still making a lot of money and are among the richest people in Denmark, he rarely shows his face and doesn’t like to make a big fuss about himself but that’s why a lot of people don’t know him or who story the enigmatic pair in Wilson and his son Christian was listed as having a joint net worth of 7.2 billion dollars back in 2014 on the other side winning his former wife is now a successful businesswoman in her own right with a net worth of 1.4 billion dollars as CEO magazine credits her with which places her as the fifth wealthiest woman in Denmark after everything they went through personally and professionally they’re doing pretty well in the financial sector however these two are by far not the richest in the country and since we’ve probably piqued some curiosity in you to find out who is the wealthiest person in Denmark click in the top right corner to watch our video on the subject 

Number 11:

Pandora customers have different tastes now it’s no wonder that analysts might have a certain reticence when talking about Pandora success especially considering its past failures for example earlier in 2008 the company announced its strategy of growing its product offerings such as making more earrings necklaces and rings and expecting to increase the revenue between 7 and 10 percent in the next four years

Number 12:

It sounds very bold and ambitious but is it worth it are people going to buy the items in their first quarter of 2018 investors lost their interest as the company’s shares dropped by 35% most recently the company blamed slow growth in the first six months of the year on a change in consumer behavior apparently they prefer simpler looks with fewer charms on the bracelet which slows down sales considerably the pandora bracelets era might die very soon and the brand is prepared for the funeral and also for the relaunch they are not planning to go anywhere anytime soon most of their jewelry is designed for women but they also have male jewelry but a common misconception about the brand is their customers are mostly women well the final customer is indeed probably mostly women but actually men buy more Pandora jewelry from their online stores of course most of them end up being gifts but more men visit the website than women now that we know that we’re curious to know if they advertise differently since men respond differently to ads and sales messages than women do Navy men already know about Pandora from their girlfriends or mothers 

Number 13:

Some charms have controversial names like Christ or Holy Grail every Pandora charm has a story and is fitted for a certain occasion there are family charms love charms school-related charms animal charms and everything you could ever think of they sell over 800 different charms some of which are limited editions they do have some religious charms with crosses angels or the Bible but also a few controversial ones there’s a charm called Christ but it’s not portraying Jesus Christ, in fact, the Christ charm has a 14-karat gold open heart and it’s named like that because it was released only to Christ jewelers in Germany in a limited edition another controversial charm is the Holy Grail charm that depicts a teal pearl dangle however this one was retired from the market due to production issues apparently, there were issues with the blue pearl drop losing its color these two charms are rare and exclusive charms Pandora made along with other famous ones like Australia map or the Royal Denmark Church some of them can’t even be bought anymore or if they are available they’re about five hundred dollars or more 

Number 14:

They launched a line of watches in 2010 they launched a line of Swiss watches in collaboration with Rhonda called black crown diamond the collection consisted of five different watches with no charms but with diamonds, not actual diamonds but a resistant surface made with sapphire crystal to make it last longer there are three different categories of pandora watches classic contemporary and fashion all of which complement the elegant jewelry they offer the watches retail for between 200 to 760 pounds sadly they aren’t available anymore on the official website 

Number 15:

Pandora’s brand story is intentionally short and vague well aside from the most recent Sierra collaboration pandora has generally emphasized its focus on the average normal woman unlike Tiffany’s Swarovski and other similar brands they don’t have an extensive background story to tell you what the brand represents even the name Pandora has never been explained and we don’t know why they chose it what it means or if it has anything to do with the Greek name, on the contrary, they let clients decide what the company represents for them this way everyone can pitch into the story and be a part of a brand they simply went along with the mystery because it makes you wonder and be more interested in the well I’ll Xers that’s a wrap on Pandora taking all the bling aside and getting to know the story behind a brand is always kind of cool in this case Pandora lets you cast a meaning and story behind every charm no matter which way you look at it you’ll always remember when you got it why you got it and all the fun details about the charmed life are made out of stories and through the jewelry we can uncover those stories but enough with the meanings we’re actually curious to know if you guys have any pandora charms do you collect them or do you hate them to let us know in the comments section below and for sticking with us all the way to the end and being a true lexer you know you get a bonus act here it is 

Number 16:

the company has a secret charm customers can’t buy even the most hard-core charm bracelet fans cannot get their hands on Pandora’s most elusive item that’s because the company has a secret charm that’s only available to their employees yep you only get one of these if you work with them a pretty nice way to make their employees feel special the item is more of a sentimental piece which represents its two founders the charm is called wina / after Winnie and/and has a unique design that brings three different animals together with a lion a giraffe and a bee the lion is meant to stand for pride and teamwork the giraffe represents the company’s performance the B which symbolizes their passion and dedication to their work and there you have it the company’s values in one charm.