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Choose the best Rings for you

The ring is a round shape band of silver, metal, or gold that is worn by both men and women as an ornament. Rings can be made from gemstones like ruby, emerald, diamond, or sapphire. A ring has also a great meaning and value with the wearer. Rings have been a symbol of fidelity, devotion, and eternity since history but nowadays the ring is used in weddings and engagements to express love and devotion.

Designers from all over the world have crafted various rings in different shapes and each shape holds a significant meaning like wedding rings symbolize devotion, anniversary rings symbolize love, or engagement rings symbolize commitment.

Diamond Rings

The diamonds are the astonishing beauty that displays the fine cuts which are alluring. Diamond rings are the embodiment of marriage or commitment symbolizing eternity, timelessness, or forever love. There are four C’s of a diamond ring which is quite important.

The Four C’s of diamonds

The four C’s of a diamond are cut, clarity, color, and carat which determines the price and quality of a diamond.

1. Cut in the four C’s :

The way a diamond is cut is very important in the 4 C’s. The quality and the beauty of a diamond are determined by the cuts. The better the diamond is cut, the bewitching and captivating it will look.

2. Clarity in the four C’s:

The external characteristics of a diamond are blemishes. Diamonds that have not any blemishes or inclusions are exceptional. Diamonds are very rare without any stain and blemishes.

3. Colour in the four C’s:

Diamonds have many different colors from light brown, red, pink, orange, green, light yellow to colorless. The rarest and precious diamonds are colorless.

4. Carat in the four C’s:

The carat declares the total diamonds’ measurement and weight. The value of a diamond increase as the weight increases.

Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is a symbol of commitment and love with each other. The engagement rings are worn by the partners in a ritual and they promise each other that they will always be together. The perpetual piece has a significant meaning in both of the partner’s lives. The engagement rings are mostly engraved with gemstones or diamonds that are very popular in western culture. The Diamond engagement rings are flooded with elegance and sophistication that shows the admiration of the love. The charm of diamonds is fascinating when the wearer wore it on the finger.

Wedding Rings

With the wedding rings, the couples show their devotion to each other. The wedding ring’s origin is associate with perpetual and forever love. The timeless wedding rings define the journey of the couple when they exchange vows and decide to stay together forever. The wedding ring is worn on the third finger with priceless devotion and sentiments. The wedding rings range from non-diamond to diamond and from classical style wedding ring to elegant gold wedding ring.

Every ring has its significance and meaning whether it is a wedding ring or an engagement ring.

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