3 Pandora Reflexions Mest Bracelet Gift - Pandora Bracelet

Pandora Reflexions Mest Bracelet Gift – Pandora Bracelet


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Size: 21 CM
Color: Rose

This PANDORA Reflexions ™ bracelet in Rose ™ is also meaningful by nature. Express just how you feel by styling attractive clip appeals as well as metallic colors.


Charm Bracelet: The traditional Pandora charm bracelet is updated with a romantic rose-colored heart clasp in Pandora Rose. Highlight the tender look with pleasant heart concepts, or utilize it as a charming service provider for your collection of beauties.

Pandora Rose: Framed in 14K rose gold plating, Pandora Rose is made of a one-of-a-kind steel blend being composed mainly of copper and silver. This blend prevents staining and also offers your bracelets a warm pink appeal.

Protecting Memories: Vital milestones and also moments are here to remain. Perfect gift for your wife, mother, daughter, niece, or any beauty bracelet beginner. Mark your liked one’s special day (wedding celebration, pleasant 16, new baby, Mommy’s Day, and so on) with the gift of revealing their individuality via their style and style.

Inform Your Tale With Charms: All ladies have their individual stories to tell, a personal collection of unique moments that makes them. We celebrate these memories that bring us together and make us who we are.


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