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Pandora Rose Smooth Signature Padlock Bracelet


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Mix and match this feminine 7.5-inch PANDORA Rose™ charm bracelet to your heart’s desire.


Charm Bracelet: The classic Pandora charm bracelet is upgraded with a romantic rose-colored heart clasp in Pandora Rose. Emphasize the tender look with pleasant heart motifs, or utilize it as a beautiful carrier for your personal collection of charms.

Pandora Rose: Framed in 14K rose gold plating, Pandora Rose is made from an one-of-a-kind steel blend being composed primarily of copper as well as silver. This blend stops tainting as well as gives your arm bands a warm pink appeal.

Preserving Memories: Vital landmarks and moments are right here to stay. Perfect gift for your better half, mother, little girl, granddaughter, niece, or any type of charm bracelet newbie. Mark your enjoyed one’s big day (wedding, sweet 16, brand-new child, Mom’s Day, etc.) with the present of revealing their originality with their style and design.

Tell Your Story With Charms: All women have their very own specific stories to inform, a personal collection of unique moments that makes them that they are. We celebrate these memories that bring us with each other and also make us who we are.


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